How to import an existing X12 wallet into SkyWallet?

This blog post is for XPRO customers, who want to switch to the new SkyWallet to store their coins securely in the cloud. First of all, SkyWallet is as secure as your previous downloadable X12 wallet. If you want to find out why that is the case, read our short and simple blog post about web wallet security.

We created a video tutorial to show you step by step what you need to do to import the existing X12 wallet into Skywallet. Before you watch it, read the key points you need to know:

  • – You DO NOT need to change your public address within XPRO.
  • – Your coins are as secure as having them stored on your local X12 wallet.
  • – SkyWallet is developed by a part of the original X12 developer team.
  • – The basic wallet functionality will forever be free for XPRO customers.
  • – If you have questions, watch the video, then ask our support.



Join SkyWallet now to securely store your coins. Enjoy all the upcoming features that will make your life easy in the cryptocurrency world.

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